ENZED Offroad Racing Championship rocks Twizel

ENZED Offroad Racing Championship rocks Twizel


A bewildering array of high powered offroad racing vehicles will invade Twizel next weekend as the town hosts the second round of the 2015 ENZED offroad racing championship.

More than 40 cars are expected to take the start in the two-day event, which is the first of the year in the South Island and is a firm favourite with the top teams. Racers crome from many parts of New Zealand to race this unqiue event, including Ernie Hogg, who is bringing his Scorpion Chev V8 unlimited class car all the way from Auckland. Ernie Hogg contested the Twizel race last year and says the unique challenge of racing on the massive glacial moraine farm has drawn him back for another crack at the event.

The Achilles Radial ‘unlimited’ truck class has the strongest entry in the event and promises spectacular action. In all, there are seven unlimited-class trucks entered.

Winton driver Donald Preston is back, aiming to wrest the class 8 truck title away from Christchurch’s Owen Chang.

After a dalliance in the UTV class while his son ran his big V8 4WD Toyota Hilux, Preston has once more returned to the ultimate truck class.

The Preston Hilux is one of the fastest race trucks in the sport, and can be expected to take a string of podium finishes in the short course racing on Saturday.

Another Otago driver, Carl Gardner, has stepped up from his 1.6-litre class three race car to a Nissan Navara V8 ute imported from Australia.

Karl Vinton has bought a Toyota Supra-engined Hilux previously campaigned by Auckland’s Dale Buckley.

Christchurch’s Gavin Storer has entered his Toyota V6 powered 4WD ute.

Saturday’s action starts at 11.00 am at the Ohau Channel Road and takes the form of ‘short course’ racing on a compact track that enables spectators to see the entire course from one location. Organiser Barry Phillips of Twizel says the course is overlooked by a low hill that forms an ideal area for spectators to enjoy the action from – enjoying the comfort of  their cars or on picnic blankets in front on the edge of the slope.

The next day the field will contest a 250 kilometre multi-lap endurance race that starts from the same area as Saturday’s short course. The track will run west on the glacial soils of the valley which create a race surface like no other round of the championship, returning in a giant loop of ten kilometres of more. The glacial loam is soft but peppered with sharp rocks embedded by ancient glaciers that can shred a tyre in an instant. The deceptive conditions and fast course have extracted a heavy toll from competitors in past years.

“The Twizel 250 weekend is fast becoming a legend in offroad racing, to the extent that we have at least one competitor coming all the way from Auckland to race the unique course we set out here. There’s going to be a lot to see and enjoy over the two days of racing.”


Confirmed entries

Achilles Radial Class 1ENZED Offroad Racing Championship rocks Twizel_Veritas

Geoff Densem
Nevil Basalaj 173
Ernie Hogg 190
Daniel Powell 118
Cam Stratford 185
Ash Kelly 192

Class 2
Ron Crosby 250
Steven Boyd 218
Ian Simcox 217

Class 3
Greg Winn 371
Wayne Moriarty 312
Alex McIndoe 399

Class 4
Darrin Thomason 444
Dave Ballantyne 497

Class 5
Joel Green 552
Graham Fleming 572

Class 8
Carl Gardner 841
Richard Knowles 890
Karl Vinton 852
Gavin Storer 840
Don Preston 800
Bryan Chang 847
James Fleming 811

Class 10
Rosco Gaudin 1069
Wade Halliday 1085
Murdock Halliday 1019

Jake Phillips C45
John Strickett C22

Polaris U-Class
Mike Holmes U21
Grant Dixon U15
Bob Uttridge U46
Roger MacKay U66
Tim George U68
James Dixon U07

Jorja Storer J31
Brooke Storer J39

Three drivers share offroad racing championship lead

#1032 Scott Buckley in clear air

#1032 Scott Buckley in clear air

·         Rollovers and crashes as racers jostle for advantage

·         New names top the points table

After a day of spectacular crashes and rollovers on a challenging farm course, three drivers have emerged with a shared lead in the 2015 ENZED Offroad Racing Championship.

Warren Adams made a clean sweep of racing in class six for challenge-style four wheel drives in his V8 engined Nissan, Scott Buckley likewise took three wins from three starts in class 10 for motorcycle-engined cars in his BSL Terra Nova, and in the youth Kiwitruck class new racer Boston Horan took three wins from three starts in Little Black. The trio all took a maximum 72 points from the day’s racing.

Rookie #M89 demonstrated offroad racing pedigree with a dominating performance in Kiwitruck on his first outing

Rookie #M89 demonstrated offroad racing pedigree with a dominating performance in Kiwitruck on his first outing

Summer’s long dry spell meant a rain shower the previous day did little to dampen the track, which became dusty as racing got under way. A strong wind helped clear thick dust off the racing line but rollovers and crashes were numerous.

In class 10, Jimmie Johnston’s challenge on Scott Buckley ended when he clipped a UTV racer’s wheel and barrel-rolled his new class 10 car out of contention.

There were multiple crashes and rollovers in the opening Challenger/class five race but all the cars involved were able to return to competition in subsequent heats.

One of the most spectacular crashes brought the first heat for the Achilles Radial-backed unlimited class race cars – shared with the class nine ‘Baja’ and prototype cars – to a halt partway through the first lap. Manukau-based Tony McCall had taken the lead off the start line in his ENZED BSL Terra V8 but was tipped over in a tight corner, bringing the race to a halt under the red flag. Alan Hilliam’s Porsche-powered single-seater hit McCall’s car in thick dust, flipping it over. The McCall car then settled upside down on the front of Hilliam’s and the latter was out of the racing with smashed front suspension.

Once righted, McCall was able to restart and made short work of the heat win.

He topped that with another win and then was third overall in the final heat where McCall, Hogg and Buchanan went three wide into the first corner, a blind brow left hander. As the trio crested the brow McCall missed a downshift, allowing the other two to get ahead. With no safe way to chase the leading two down in thick dust he settled for third.

#697 Warren Adams getting the early points

#697 Warren Adams getting the early points

“There was no way to fight back in the dust without putting myself at risk, so I decided to stick with third place and bank the points. It’s all about the championship title this year,” he said afterward.

Out front Ernie Hogg had the ‘General’, his two-seater Chev-engined Scorpion race car, flying over the fast jump back onto the start-finish straight. His winning margin was more than four seconds over Buchanan, McCall another seven seconds back.

“When you get clear air you just have to make the most of it and go as hard as you can, especially in short course heats. The car was going really well,” said Hogg afterward.

In the unlimited class trucks, there was a pitched battle between Nick Hall (ELF Toyota Hilux Pro Lite) and the Kumho Toyota Hilux trophy truck of Jono Climo. Hall’s truck runs a Chev V8 and is rear wheel drive; Climo’s features a quad-cam turbocharged Toyota V8 and four wheel drive. Though the latter is heavier, its superior traction, suspension travel and power won out on the technical but fast course.

A grass-clogged radiator marred Climo’s otherwise perfect run, overheating his engine and slowing the big truck in the first heat.

In the following heat Climo ran out an emphatic winner, Hall second and 2.33 seconds behind. Grant Rosenburg damaged the nose of his new Toyota Tundra unlimited-class truck.

The third and final heat once more fell to Climo who stretched out a comfortable and commanding 11.6 second margin over Hall, with Grant Rosenburg third and 44 seconds adrift.

Maurice Bain ran out the winner of Achilles Radial class nine, seeing off new rivals Gregg Carrington-Hogg and Murray Kitt.

Devlin Hill had his American car on pace to win class three for cars running engines up to 1650cc ahead of Brendon Midgely’s similar car with Lance Cargill third.

Rex Croskery won class four for sport-modified trucks and four wheel drives from Wellingtonian Glenn Turvey.

Class five for cars with engines up to 1300 cc was won by Ivan Booth ahead of Taine Carrington and Nick Magness – the latter smashing his front left suspension in one heat.

Class seven for cars with 1.0-litre water cooled or 1.2-litre VW engines was won by Fergus Crabb on debut in the class. Crabb had graduated from the youth Kiwitruck classes and was also launching a new Cougar chassis with the first water cooled engine to run in the class at national championship level. He survived a rollover in one heat to fend off Ollie McCall and Jaden Carrington.

Challenger class was won by Campbell Witheford with Justin Williams second and Ricky Jesson third.

The Kiwitruck youth category has two classes – the ‘M’ class which was won by Boiston Horan and the J class, won by Trae Carrington from Marcus Runciman and Arron Crabb.

In the Polaris-backed UTV class, Joel Giddy took line honours ahead of drifter Carl Ruiterman and defending class champion Ben Thomasen.

The next northern round of the 2015 ENZED Offroad Racing Championship is the Woodhill 100, a punishing forest endurance race that is the oldest in the sport in this country. The Woodhill 100 is held at Queen’s Birthday Weekend on a track accessed off Trig Road, north of Parakai.



Offroad racing evolves: the V8s are coming

Achilles Radial Class 1 racer, Tony McCall turns up in Kaukapakapa with more V8 horsepower than ever before

Achilles Radial Class 1 racer, Tony McCall turns up in Kaukapakapa with more V8 horsepower than ever before

The V8 engine may be on the way to ‘endangered species’ status on New Zealand roads, but the muscular bellow of American – and even Japanese – high performance V8 engines is beginning to dominate the spectacular world of offroad racing.

2015 ENZED Champs Button

When the first round of the 2015 ENZED New Zealand Offroad Racing Championship starts on Saturday at Kaukapakapa, more than 20 per cent of the 60-strong field will be V8 powered, and the assembled power of the big V8 cars and trucks will exceed 5,000 bhp.

Prototypes could rule the day with experienced racers Gregg Carrington-Hogg and Murray Kitt both moving from the Achilles Radial Class 1 unlimited race car class into the Achilles Radial Class 9. They join defending class champion Maurice Bain (VW Beetle V6 turbo) and  leave five unlimited-class entries in the top race car Achilles Radial Class 1: front-runners among that class are Ernie Hogg in the “General” and multiple champion Tony McCall in the ENZED-backed BSL Terra, both running massive race-tuned LS2 Chev V8s.

The ultimate truck class will see a battle between old and new race trucks. There is a new unlimited-class race truck coming all the way from Palmerston North, owner Grant Rosenburg stepping up for class four for modified sport trucks. It has been built in Palmerston North. Another new truck is making its debut with Aucklander Dale Buckley at the wheel, an unlimited-class “ProLite’ design built in America by Kincaid Motorsports. These two go up against Jono Climo’s immaculately-presented Kumho Toyota Hilux Trophy Truck with its twin-turbo V8 and four wheel drive. Also likely to race is Raana Horan in Big Black, his Nissan Titan V8 four wheel drive truck. Horan’s children Brooklyn and Boston are both racing in the Kiwitruck youth category.

More imported race vehicles are flooding into New Zealand as the US-NZ dollar exchange rate continues to favour local racers. Aucklander James Buchanan has imported a Tatum race car and re-powered it with a Mitsubishi Evo turbo engine. Ivan Booth will run a Tatum chassis in class five for cars using engines of up to 1350cc.

Polaris NZ is backing young Tauranga teenager Dyson Delahunty’s step up into the Polaris Class U - UTV or ‘side by side’ class, while another young racer, Tyler Castle, steps up from the VW-powered class seven to race in class five with Suzuki power. The most numerous class is for cars with engines up to 1650cc, where 11 entries had been received by mid-week.

The weekend’s racing starts at 11.00 am on a new course at Haruru Road and takes the form of ‘short course’ heats for fourteen classes of race car and truck including the Kiwitruck youth category. There is an all-in race at the end of the three heats for each class. Short course races are short (five laps) and spectacular, with all race action visible from main spectator locations.

The 2015 ENZED New Zealand Offroad Racing Championship takes place over seven rounds, with competitors racing at either three northern or three southern rounds before the entire championship field meets for the all-in final, which will be held in early November on a farm course in Hawkes Bay.

2015 ENZED Offroad Racing Championship

Confirmed entries, round one

157 Tony McCall

190 Ernie Hogg

109 Alan Hilliam

187 James Buchanan

151 Shaun Russell (TBC)

333 Brendon Old

324 Brendon Midgley

369 Tony Marwood

341 Andrew Green

363 Lance Cargill

303 Greg Mullins

306 Kohl Midgley

318 Graeme Henderson

327 Eric Teers

396 Vincent Boortman

305 Devlin Hill

450 Rex Croskery

457 Glen Turvey

530 Taine Carrington

544 Ivan Booth

517 Nick Magness

521 Tyler Castle

680 Keri Louie

697 Warren Adams

724 Ollie McCall

730 Jaden Carrington

700 Fergus Crabb

860 Grahame Steedman

861 Nick Hall

852 Dale Buckley

898 Grant Rosenberg

869 Jono Climo

804 Allan Joy

899 Raana Horan (TBC)

917 Murray Kitt

920 Gregg Carrington Hogg

900 Maurice Bain

1012 Jimmy Johnston

C27 Justin Williams

C88 Ken Rowe

C75 Campbell Witheford

C76 Ricky Jessen

C18 Geoff Matich

U39 Daniel Hartridge

U23 Carl Ruiterman

U20 Ben Thomasen

U87 Dyson Delahunty

U16 Joel Giddy

U37 Ross Misson

U88 Mike Small

J03 Trae Carrington

J05 Marcus Runciman

J89 Brooklyn Horan

J95 Arron Crabb

M89 Boston Horan

2015 ORANZ New Zealand Offroad Racing Champs – kicks off next weekend!

2015 ORANZ Rnd 1 sign

Last call for regular entries: the first round of the championship is eight days away and the 28th is the cut-off for normal entries.
• Entries Close – Entries close on 28th February 2015. Full refund provided to those unable to attend due to change of circumstances therefore no need for late entries. Enter on time and if you do not end up making it, the club will fully refund your entry.
• Grid positions for first race based on order of entry forms / payment and indemnity form received.
• Race Format – Races – 3 short course races of 5 laps plus (TBC), Feature – short course race of 15 laps (TBC). All as per ORANZ Rulebook.


New vehicles this year –
• Grant Rosenberg (Rowdy) from PNORC – New “Van der Wal” built Class 8 racing truck with Peter Hogg stepping out of his Class 3 and stepping in as co-driver.
• James Buchanan from AORC (pictured with his car and team) – new Class 1 buggy – US imported Tatum Engineering chassis fitted with NZ built Mitsi Evo 10 engine.
• Ivan Booth – new Class 5 buggy – US imported Tatum Engineering chassis fitted with 1300 engine
• Dyson Delahunty – new Class U Polaris RZR
• Dale Buckley – imported Class 8 Prolite – Kincaid truck with Toyota 2.2L engine
• Jarrod Marwood – has purchased the Ryan built Geoff Glover Class 3 buggy.
• Tyler Castle – moving from C7 to C5 in a Cougar chassis with Suzuki 1300cc engine
• Class 9 – the big change – two former C1 buggies moving to C9: Gregg Carrington Hogg in his Shores NZ chassis and LS V8 engine and Murray Kitt in his Jimco chassis and Subaru engined buggy.


Could C9 become the new C1 this year?


NZ1000 – Event Update

_MG_6058 Clive Lowres EVENT UPDATE !!

Thank you everybody who has been patiently awaiting news of this year’s NZ1000 event. We have been very busy in the background sorting / beginning all the logistics for this great event and whilst we still have a couple of permits to get signed off, we thought it was timely to send out some event information to help with your planning.

Please note, certain items below are our current proposals at this stage and are subject to compliance, permit, permission or simply just more time to firm up.

Here we go …………


Event – The NZ1000 is a 1,000km (minimum) forest enduro event held over two days of racing. It is widely known as “the largest offroad race in the southern hemisphere”. This year will be the 13th running of the 1000km event.

Dates – Thursday 24th September to Sunday 27th September 2015 (Qualifying Friday, Race Saturday & Sunday).

NZ1000 Head Committee – The head organisation committee is Ernie Hogg, Phil Cameron and Shane Wilson.

Intent to Enter – Will be posted out to all registered ORANZ members and will also be available on this FB page and the www.nz1000.co.nz website within the next 4 to 6 weeks.

HFM Event Application – Is currently been processed by Hancock Forestry Management.

ORANZ – Will be officiating at the event and vehicles will need to comply with the class rules as per the ORANZ rulebook. ORANZ will be supplying Chief Steward, Chief Technical Officer and Clerk of the Course.

Scrutineering – All race vehicles must arrive at the event “tagged” ensuring compliance with the ORANZ Class & Safety Rules as per ORANZ Rulebook. Some additional safety items will be required (thermal blanket, food, water etc).

Drivers – Up to 2 drivers may compete in each vehicle but one driver must be a current ORANZ member and the second driver can purchase a day / event licence if they were not an ORANZ member in 2014.

Track – Current proposed track is approximately 50km plus long and varies from open gravel roads to open clay roads to tight clay single tracks. There is one section of gravel road which is 15km long and is a rally drivers dream and will reward the brave. There is at least one tunnel and there will be some technical single track used to link tracks together.

Sprint Format – Currently proposed to be run similar to last T1000 where one class at a time will be on the track for a qualifying period of 15 minutes where your fastest lap will be your qualifying time.

Top 10 Shootout – There will be a Top 10 Shootout of 2 laps each where your fastest lap will be your final qualifying lap time for the Saturday start.

Marquee Hire – Marquee hire will again be available for the pit / camping area and booking details will be included in the “Intent to Enter”. A deposit will be required to confirm your booking.

Main Marquee – Will host meals on the Thursday and Friday nights, host the registration and scrutineering on Friday, host the drivers briefing on Friday night and will also contain the Media Centre showing live results throughout the event.

Sponsorship – Our sponsorship manger is Hayden Dickason – if you wish to support the event with sponsorship of services or products please contact Hayden on hayden@haansolutions.co.nz

Transponders – MXT Timing will be supplying transponders for the event and the cost of these will be included in the event fee.

Camping – Will be available on-site at the track where we will be supplying toilets and a 10 cubicle hot shower unit. Please note there will be a small surcharge for the use of a shower.

TV Production – We will have a production company attend the event and prepare a quality TV package to be shown on TV3’s CRC Motorsport Show.

Entry Fee – Yet to be confirmed, but the entry fee for the last event was $850 and this time we need to add the ORANZ Drivers Levy of $55 (for ORANZ attendance) plus added track and tree restitution costs, therefore the Entry Fee may be $950 but will be confirmed in the “Intent to Enter” package.

Overseas Entries – If you wish to attend the event and you are based overseas, please contact Ernie Hogg direct on aucklandoffroadracing@gmail.com and we can offer some assistance where applicable.

Programme – Currently proposed briefly as following:-

Thursday – Registration, Display & Safety Check / Scrutineering, Kiwitruck Racing, Kiwitruck Demo Races, Kiwitruck School Competition Ride, Have a Ride Sprint all held at the Tokoroa Events Centre.

This to be a carnival type atmosphere with plenty for kids to do (bouncy castles / Kiwitruck demos etc) and food (food trucks and caravans etc) and drinks and music etc.

Friday – Registration & Scrutineering, Track Recce, Qualifying Sprints, Drivers Briefing all at the NZ1000 track.

Saturday – 500km Race

Sunday – 500km Race and then Prizegiving (with bar, buffet meal and a band) at the Tokoroa Events Centre.

Security will be provided at the pit / camping area and shuttle buses will run between the track and the Tokoroa Events Centre throughout the night.

Trade Displays – If you would like to place a Trade Display at the Tokoroa Events Centre on the Thursday or at the Track during the event please contact Ernie Hogg on aucklandoffroadracing@gmail.com

2015 ORANZ New Zealand Offroad Racing Championship Series – North Island – Round 1 – hosted by Auckland Offroad Racing Club

Details about the 2015 ORANZ Offroad Racing Championship Series – North Island – Round 1

2015 National North Island Championships 

Round 1 

Short Course Racing 

Saturday 7th March 2015 

Competitor Entry Package 

The Auckland Offroad Racing Club is proud to host the 1st National North Island Round of the NZ Championships.

Venue: Haruru Road, Kaukapakapa.

Follow the signs from Kahikatea Flat Road if you are coming from Kaukapakapa.

Follow the signs from Dairy Flat Highway if you are coming from SH1 and turning off at the Silverdale Motorway Off Ramp.

Track: Natural Rolling Farm Terrain Short Course Track.

Entry Fee $300.00 and includes the following:-

ORANZ Drivers Levy $55.00

ORANZ Transponder Levy $25.00

North Island Finals Trophy Fee $15.00

AORC Event Costs $205.00

Kiwitruck Entry Fee $25.00

Entries Close: Entries close on Friday 28th February 2015.

Full refund provided to those unable to attend due to change of circumstances therefore no need for late entries. Enter on time and if you do not end up making it, we will fully refund your entry.

Grid positions for first race based on order of entry forms / payment and indemnity form received.

Race Format Races – 3 short course races of 5 laps plus (TBC)

Feature – short course race of 15 laps (TBC)

All as per ORANZ Rulebook.

Prizegiving & Dinner To be held 1 hour after the last race finishes at the Silverdale United Rugby Club, 6 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale, 0932.

Buffet dinner available at the Rugby Club – Details TBC


Saturday 7th March

7.00am Gates Open

7.30am Registration & Vehicle / Safety Gear Checks

Race Vehicles must be tagged – No Tag, No Race!

10.30am Drivers Briefing

11.00am Racing Starts

7.00pm Prizegiving & Dinner at Silverdale United Rugby Club

6 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale, 0932

Gate Entry:

Vehicles towing a race car – free entry

Adult Spectators – $10

Children under 15 – Free

Onsite Food: Coffee Cart - Hot Food Caterers

Click here to download your Entry Form for this event - 2015 ORANZ Nth Is Round1 Entry Form

Highlands Race to the Sky – Offroad Racers invited to race

Highlands Race to the sky

Hi Racers,

Thanks for your interest in competing at Race to the Sky 2015, we are working to make this a truly iconic event. We will endeavour to update you when we have further information such as classes, accommodation packages, entry fees etc.

We are making great progress with the planning for the event and are already fielding enquiries from past competitors, there has been plenty of overseas interest, We are also registering interest for trade stands so if you or your company are interested let us know.

Please send all questions and enquires to entries@highlands.co.nz and the subject line “RTTS”

In this Update:

 Proposed Classes

 Course details


 Proposed Schedule


Proposed Classes: 

NOTE: All vehicles entered must meet safety requirements as outlined in the MotorSport New Zealand Safety Regulations or the safety regulations of the Permitted Organisation you are running under, in the case of an entry from overseas meet the Safety Regulations of the ASN or Governing body of the country of entry origin.

Where an entry does not comply with the safety requirements of MotorSport NZ and the entrant seeks to compete under the safety regulations of the ASN or Governing body or of the country of entry origin, the competitor is bound to provide written documentation that satisfies the Clerk of the Course that the vehicle does meet compliance.

As the field will be limited to around 130 entries due to time restrains of completing the necessary runs up the course we will limit vehicles in each Division, these numbers will be dependent upon numbers in other Divisions filling up so entries will be done on a first in basis.


Unlimited - This Division will allow any race vehicle capable of obtaining a track record, which the Promoter invites, to take part in this Unlimited Division.

4 Wheel Drive Open - It is the intent of these rules that vehicles competing in the 4 Wheel Drive Open Division are based upon a production vehicle. Innovation and modifications within the rules are not discouraged. Eligibility is restricted to closed-bodied (fabric tops are discouraged) four-wheel vehicles meeting the following requirements:

The vehicle must be based upon a model built by a recognised manufacturer.

Exterior body pieces (i.e. all components of the air stream) must be identical in appearance to the original item of the production vehicle; this includes bumpers. Bolt-on body pieces may be constructed of an alternate material, except for doors that must be original, unless door bars are an integral part of the vehicle safety roll cage. The original window glazing material may be replaced with either identical material or Lexan. The floor pan must be original or replaced with a flat bottom located in the original position related to the production vehicle.

Only fender flares and spoilers sold as original equipment may be used.

Aerodynamic wings and devices are explicitly and implicitly prohibited.

The engine is open, but must be derived from the manufacturer of the production vehicle.

Frames, suspensions, and brakes are open.

Wheel diameter and width are optional but the tyre must be fully covered by the fender.

Exhaust systems are open.

2 Wheel Drives 0 – 2000cc – Vehicle Eligibility – It is the intent of these rules that vehicles competing in the 2 wheel drive Division class be a production vehicle readily available to the public, and produced by a recognized manufacturer. Eligibility is restricted to close-bodied two-wheel vehicles. Vehicles must have a Log Book, and be between 0 – 2000cc

2 Wheel Drives 2001cc – Open - Vehicle Eligibility – It is the intent of these rules that vehicles competing in the 2 wheel drive Division class be a production vehicle readily available to the public, and produced by a recognized manufacturer. Eligibility is restricted to close-bodied two-wheel vehicles. Vehicles must have a Log Book, and be over 2001cc

Showroom Stock SUV – This Division will be a showroom class with vehicles that are stock. Rules and Regs TBC

Showroom Stock Double Cab Ute – As with the SUV these vehicles will be showroom stock.

Rules and Regs TBC

Rally Cars Open (Co driver or no Co driver) – It is intended that these vehicles be a Log Booked Rally Car and 4 wheel drive.

Classic Cars – Vehicle Eligibility – “Classic” Vehicle means a vehicle that was in series production prior to 1st January 1982 that no longer complies with its original homologation papers or does not have a verifiable history of competition in its current form prior to that date.


Lightweight Division – up to 250cc Four stroke + 125cc 2 stroke

Middleweight Division – 251cc to 450cc Four stroke + 126cc to 250cc Two stroke

Heavyweight Division – 451cc and over Four Stroke + 251cc and over Two stroke


Light Quads – 201 – 500cc

Super Quads – Details from MNZ TBC

Buggy & Off Roader 

Comply with ORANZ regs and rules TBC

Side by side 

This Division will be run under the SxS rules from New Zealand and Australia and allowing all Side by side vehicles to run.

More rules and information will follow soon regarding classes. 

If you have any feedback re classes please let us know. 

Course details: 

We are endeavouring to have the course as close to the original as possible, we have a link to a video we are producing if you haven’t driven the course or want a reminder take a look. This will be sent out to you soon. With the base track not being used for some time it is hard to show what that is like but once we have some footage we will pass it on.

The surface has change since the last race and is down a bit to the harder base, which looks to be a slicker track.


Q: Is it every year or biannual?

A: We will know on the Monday after the event, but if expectation and enthusiasm is anything to go by every year seems the go.

Q: Is there accommodation available on site?

A: We are talking with SHPG with regards to the accommodation and workshop space at the

top of the hill, if this is an option we will release details soon. We will also have camping sites available.

Q: Can I run multi classes?

A: Yes you can run more than on class or one Division, BUT it is up to you to arrange the

flight back down in time to start the next run, we will have details of the Helicopter

companies available to do this for you.

Q: Will there be testing?

A: NO there will be no pre event testing, there will be Controlled Course recce’s on the

Friday for each division to sight the course.

Q: What are the entry fees going to be?

A: We are looking to keep the fees as low as we can, it is perceived that the Bikes will be

around $799 and the others vehicles $999.

Q: Will there be a website for RTTS?

A: Yes there will be a website for all info and forms, this will be launched in the coming

months and all will be notified once it is live.

Proposed Schedule: 

We would like to schedule three runs on the Saturday and two on the Sunday to give

competitors as much track time as possible, a full schedule will be released in the coming months. We are also looking to run the MNZ Hillclimb Champs on the Saturday, details to follow when we get confirmation.

If you are interested in lining up and taking on this race then click on this link: